[amsat-bb] accidental RF into wrong cable of Arrow=bad duplexer?

Tim Goodrich tim at timgoodrich.net
Sun Oct 11 13:51:36 PDT 2009

I am an owner of a 2m/70cm LEO satellite antenna with duplexer in the
handle. Sometimes, I operate full duplex (two radios) and bypass the
duplexer by attaching my own cables to the separate parts of the antenna (1
radio for 2m, 1 radio for 70cm). In the course of rushing to catch a
satellite pass, I mixed up my connections and accidentally transmitted (5
watts) into one of the arrow antenna cables, causing RF to feed backwards
into the duplexer.


 Recently, I have noticed decreased performance (poor reception, lower S/N,
even on AO-51 when in the past it was full quieting) and am trying to
ascertain if it could have anything to do with my mistake of feeding RF in
the wrong direction into the duplexer. Could my mistake cause this problem?







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