[amsat-bb] Can we get them to fix AO-40 first then?

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Sun Oct 11 09:30:31 PDT 2009

  Rogue satellites to be cleared from Earth's orbit by German robots

German-built robots are to be sent into Earth's orbit to repair 'dead 
satellites' or push them into outer space, according to a report in 
Sunday's Guardian newspaper.

Robots that rescue failing satellites and push 'dead' ones into outer 
space should be ready in four years, it has emerged. Experts described 
the development by German scientists as a crucial step in preventing a 
disaster in the Earth's crowded orbit.

Last year it was reported that critical levels of debris circling the 
Earth were threatening astronauts' lives and the future of the 
multibillion-pound satellite communications industry. But senior figures 
at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) told the /Observer/ they have been 
given the go-ahead to tackle a crisis that will come to a head in the 
next five to 10 years as more orbiting objects run out of fuel.

Their robots will dock with failing satellites to carry out repairs or 
push them into "graveyard orbits", freeing vital space in geostationary 
orbit. This is the narrow band 22,000 miles above the Earth in which 
orbiting objects appear fixed at the same point. More than 200 dead 
satellites litter this orbit. Within 10 years that number could increase 
fivefold, the International Association for the Advancement of Space 
Safety has warned.

You can read the full article / 'Rogue satellites to be cleared from 
Earth's orbit by German robots'/ at:


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