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Alan VE4YZ ve4yz at mts.net
Sat Oct 10 18:53:50 PDT 2009

If the same Dell with all the old cables ( CAT, USB, etc ) worked without a
hiss then you need to check what changed. Start with grounding.  One of the
cables may have lost the grounded shield.  You may have rearranged your desk
and the cables run closer together.  Maybe you always had this but usually
ran SATPC32 with the volume low.  The key is "What changed since the last
time it worked okay for you?"  Did you change the video resolution - if so
put it back temporarily.  Did you change external speakers?  Is it the same
with both internal and external speakers.  If the external ones are noisy
then your amp and speakers are picking up RF.

Is the hiss on the Dell speakers or on the radio speakers?  What changed
there? Cables, connectors, position. If on the radio, check that CAT cable
between the Dell and the Radio.

Try it without the CAT cable plugged in, the cable to your rotator
controller - you are removing antennas that my be picking up RF from your

Load other programs, your browser, email client and whatever else you have
on there to see if the noise can be duplicated like SATPC32 then you know
for sure some RF from your video card if getting into the sound system.

It is a matter of removing or changing one item at a time.  Don't do 2 or 3
changes at the same time because you won't know which did the fix.

Think like Sherlock Holmes and eliminate potential causes.

Good luck.

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Hello-When I start up satpc32 on my Dell computer I get this annoying qrn
hiss on 2M.  Any simple fixes short of moving the computer further away?  It
is from the computer not the monitor. 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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