[amsat-bb] Worldwide Linking

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Fri Oct 9 11:49:56 PDT 2009

An inquiry during my EchoLink presentation last night ...

"Clint, we know the orbit of a specific satellite, we know its  
projected footprint, and we know its expected time over that  
footprint. Now if we had “X” amount of ham stations, RF equipped to  
talk with this satellite, and these hams were also equipped to  
communicate via VOIP EchoLink or IRLP and enough of these stations  
were lined up around the world within the orbital path, we would have  
continuous 24 hour, 7 day a week coverage around the world with this  

"The EchoLink or IRLP stations would all be tied together via  
connection to a main conference server such as *SCARS*. This would  
mean that anyone worldwide could access the satellite day or night by  
transmitting and listening to the earth station that was in the  
footprint at that particular time.

"I would see some things needing to be understood by the users, such  
as timing in regards to internet latency, repeater and or link delays,  
and the need to understand a pause would be necessary before  
transmitting, etc. .... "

I have thought of this on a much smaller scale ... I welcome your  
comments. I do not want to completely discourage this gentleman from  
"thinking globally" (grin).

Clint Bradford


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