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Erich Eichmann erich.eichmann at t-online.de
Fri Oct 9 01:41:41 PDT 2009

Hello Randy,
with the FT-857 you can't hear your own signal. But you can assume that your 
partner will tune his RX for best audio of your signal. So, leave your TX 
frequency unchanged and only fine tune your RX frequency with the 
"Downl.Corr." controls in menu "CAT".

Clarifier issue: I made the test with my FT-817. You are right: when I turn 
on the clarifier and change the RX frequency with it the program starts to 
update the radio frequencies every 1 or 2 seconds (and not only when the 
Doppler shift change exceeds the interval).
As far as I see the reason is the following:
The program polls the RX VFO every second. If it detects a change of the RX 
frequency (that has not been caused by the automatic Doppler shift 
correction) the program "assumes" that the user changed  the frequency. With 
the FT-857 (FT-817, FT-897) the program can not decide, however, whether the 
change has been done with the VFO or the clarifier. When the program detects 
such frequency change it re-calculates and updates the radio's RX and TX 
frequencies.  That works flawlessly when the user tunes the VFO. With the 
clarifier turned on, however,  the RADIO then adds the clarifier offset to 
the RX frequency set by SatPC32. So, when the program reads the RX frequency 
1 second later it detects again a frequency change and updates the radio 
frequencies again etc.

You will see that with the Clarifier turned on the radio frequencies will 
constantly be increased or decreased (depending on the offset direction)  by 
the clarifier offset and not only the changes of the Doppler shift.

So, don't turn the Clarifier on and work as described above, hi.

BTW: With the FT-847 the program can read changes with the SUB VFO and 
therefore the SUB VFO can be used for fine tuning.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

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> Thanks to few kind and patient people, things are
> Progressing in my world with HAM SAT COMM.
> My SAT PC 32 is set to uplink only with the one simplex rig..
> And that worked ok .. Until ....
> Heres an interesting thing..
> I turn the rig on ..
> I select my satellite in SAT PC
> I click on the "C" to start software control of
> The transmit freq ( unless key down, as we have all learned recently,
> although you can still MANUALLY adjust the
> Tx freq with the main dial when transmitting ) anyways.. It adjust itself
> according to the interval settings and works fine.
> The RX freq stays put...if I adjust the receive, the transmit changes, I
> expect that... Have had CW contacts that way. ( THANKS K9QHO)
> A few seconds AFTER I TURN ON THE CLARIFIER, the RX FREQ starts updating
> again with the software AND
> It doesn't do it at the interval setup in the software, it just does it
> about every 1.5 - 2 seconds.
> Its consistant, and repeatable. If I turn the clarifier OFF, it stops.
> Software quirk? Rig QUIRK? COMBO?
> Has anyone seen the programmer lately? LOL
> Seriously , if I can use the clarifier without this happening, I think I 
> can
> have CW QSO's on
> VO-52 really well with the simplex rig..
> Randy - N2CUA
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