[amsat-bb] Road trip to FN56, FN57, FN66, FN67, etc.

Richard Crow rfcrow at pronetisp.net
Thu Oct 8 12:51:43 PDT 2009

While visiting Massachusetts from October 15th to 20th, I plan to make 
a side-trip to Maine for the express purpose of working from some rare 
grid squares.

The "big unknown" right now is if the Maine weather will permit this. 
"Permit" means no rain, no snow, and temperatures above 40 degrees 
Fahrenheit. As a result, there's a "Plan A" and a "Plan B".

Plan A is to leave for northern Maine on Saturday October 17th, come 
back on Sunday the 18th, and work from FN53, FN56, FN57, FN66, and 

Otherwise, Plan B is to leave for west-central Maine on October 17th, 
come back on the 18th, and work from FN53, FN45, and FN55.

For additional flexibility, if the weather looks better for Monday 
October 19th, either plan could shift to the 18th and 19th.

Since I'm attempting so many grid squares in such a short time, I'll be 
looking at working just about every favorable satellite pass on all 
available satellites, AO-27, SO-50, AO-51, and VO-52.

Just before leaving for Massachusetts, I'll get a more accurate picture 
of the upcoming Maine weather, decide what I'm going to do, and post a 
specific schedule.

Richard, N2SPI

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