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It is.  The book is available under the creative common license.  Rules for ITAR and security procedures where ridiculous candidates are treated guilty until proven innocent kill the system.  The calculation is explained beautifully by Doctorow in his "false positives" section.

I read a couple of chapters after pdf download and then bought the hardback to provide support (and I love books).


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> I want everyone seeing this to read a book.   Little Brother by Cory 
> Doctorow is a book aimed at late teens to young adults.  This is 
> irrelevant. It is a must read for anyone who doesn't understand the 
> nature of the problems.  It is a DEVASTATING treatment of several 
> current event topics, including anti-terrorism approaches,  internet 
> privacy, and more. 

If anyone's interested, the complete text appears to be available from Cory on the Web:


I assume this is the work you are referring to...  Haven't read past the introduction, but it looks interesting.

Greg  KO6TH

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