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Alan VE4YZ ve4yz at mts.net
Sun Oct 4 11:27:40 PDT 2009

Bob, I second that!  Right now I'm trying to locally sell my 2 K5GNA
downconverters and seriously considering getting rid of a FT736r with the
1.2GHZ module because of the inactivity.  My FT847 is all that gets used.
The last local flea market this year is 2 weekends from now and then I have
to think about doing an eBay.

A 3 or 4 day session on L/S, U/S or V/S once a month allows for
experimenting and tweaking in addition to trying to work 1 or 2 of those
days into your other commitments.

Thank goodness for baby monitors and older cordless phones so that I can
periodically scan the horizon to check out the K5GNA's :-)

... Alan

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Hello Gents 

I would like to request a "somewhat" consistent L and / or  S mode
availability on AO- 51.  A recent post by John-K8YSE correctly explained
that long term L/S availability is almost counter productive.  If we define
that by the number of operators to pass ratio.  There are a few of us L/S
holdouts mostly from AO-40 (sobsob).  If we could plan that for say three
days (or whatever) at a given date we can expect those modes, and be ready.
  Right now it appears to be a month to month variable decision with nothing
definitive.  If there were more availabilty and chit-chat about L/S modes it
might inspire others to try it.   AO-51 is the only testbed for varied L/S
modes.  The only way I have for "tweeking" my S band gear is to put a -35Dbm
signal source at the end of my driveway and tweeking    my equipment and
antennas.  Real world evaluation is always the proof of success. 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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