[amsat-bb] Re: Arrow Antennas - Horrible Performers

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Sun Oct 4 08:22:07 PDT 2009

 >> ... What do you have against the Anritsu equipment ...

Absolutely nothing. They make excellent test and measurement equipment.

 >> ... I used to counter the 2.65dB claim?

Excuse me for missing your post!

 >> ... I found UHF to be about a half dB and VHF to be better than  
that and when I checked the calibration it was within a tenth of a  
dB ...

THAT is much closer to reality. And THANK YOU for adding sanity and  
"measured" results to this conversation.

Charles - I had a customer return an Arrow antenna, ranting and raving  
that it wasn't working. What I discovered was that he "accidentally"  
sent about 100W into the duplexer, burning out its first inductor. VHF  
performance was miserable ... UHF seemed OK. But the Arrow - in HIS  
mind - failed.

And so it goes ....

Clint, K6LCS

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