[amsat-bb] Re: FW: OFF grid solar system

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Sat Oct 3 20:24:51 PDT 2009

Dear Pat...

There is no reason to requote your entire thought process...you have done it
3 times...you are at the point of becoming obnoxious.

I find that it is more effective to restate original opinions in different
words so that others may better understand what I am trying to say. If
people don't understand you, you should try to address their concerns, not
just repeat the same tome.

You, yourself stated that you "try to write carefully to convey my meaning"
but trying is not always successful the first time. Address the issues , not
the personalities.

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> Hi again, Nigel Gunn did a mercilous, malicious, propoganda hatchet job
> on my solar energy posting of this morning so I thought I would repost
> it to restore the original meaning if anyone wanted to know. When I
> write, I try to write carefully to convey my meaning. Unfortunately,
> creative trimming of my words changed the meaning so here it is again.
> If someone replies, please include the original in its original form
> and entirety so as not to confuse those I am trying to help.
> To you nigel, apparently, there are still tories and patriots here in
> America. We could use you in Afghanistan and if you go, please send
> home a young man who is still friendly.
> pat

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