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Thomas McGrane n2oeq at aceweb.com
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Hi again, Nigel Gunn did a mercilous, malicious, propoganda hatchet job 
on my solar energy posting of this morning so I thought I would repost 
it to restore the original meaning if anyone wanted to know. When I 
write, I try to write carefully to convey my meaning. Unfortunately, 
creative trimming of my words changed the meaning so here it is again.
If someone replies, please include the original in its original form 
and entirety so as not to confuse those I am trying to help.
To you nigel, apparently, there are still tories and patriots here in 
America. We could use you in Afghanistan and if you go, please send 
home a young man who is still friendly.

original message follows......

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 >The grid is vulnerable as a system. We have to stop always thinking 
about being connected to or relying on the utility grid. Think in terms 
of building an independant 12 volt DC system (low voltage) for the 
average dwelling to operate independant of the grid by charging 
batteries from solar or wind and utilizing the energy real time or 
later from the batteries. It seems everyone has visions of large 
expensive rooftop systems but starting small and building up over time 
will reduce the utility bill by substitution.
We need to be energy independant on a small scale as well as looking at 
the big picture. Small systems can easily run lights, TV’s, radios, 
even a small refridgerator for essentials. You would still need the 
grid power for large loads like heat, large refridgerators, etc but you 
can have a seperate system to rely on if you suffer some calamity.
With the advent of the “smart” grid, you dont want to be connected to 
the grid. Remember, the wires are antennas as well as conducting 
electricity. We owe our reliance on a large electrical system to 
Nickolai Tesla who developed high voltage alternating current power 
systems that won out over Thomas Edisons Direct Current system around 
the turn of the last century. The idea was to minmize power loss over 
long distances. Therefore we should all promote local or household Low 
voltage DC solar or wind systems to reduce the use of grid power and 
for much better reliability.
Through the years I have built a very economical system comprised of 
several solar panels with a capacity of about 130 watts that 
automatically charge 6 large deep cycle and regular batteries from 
which I operate some radios , lights and in the event of loss of 
utility power, a small refridgerator. I also have a couple of cheap 
store bought DC to AC inverters if I need to operate an AC device,
Solar panels have come down in price dramatically and production 
capabity is expanding, so start now. Think independant and start small 
instead of suffering mega system price hesitance.
A world of 12 volt dc devices are available from hardware, marine, 
automotive and internet sources. You just have to start.
Be the first on your block to confuse the lineman who show up during a 
power failure. I did.

I posted the above text on the new york times "Green Inc" energy blog 
back on september 23, 2009 as a comment to an article regarding solar 
power in africa. The internal discharge in a deep cycle battery is only 
about 50 milliamps which I consider insignificant. 

I dont want to be connected to the grid which I consider "STUPID" and 
you dont either. Dont follow, think for yourselves.

Think about this..... brain waves operate up to about 20 cycles per 
second, imagine what 60 cycles is doing to you and the world.


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