[amsat-bb] Arrow Antennas - Horrible Performers

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Sat Oct 3 14:53:29 PDT 2009

 >> ... from what I have read, a 2.65db loss of signal using Arrow's  
crappy duplexer ...

Unless an Arrow Antenna performance report beings with, "My Motorola  
test equipment - certified within the last year - indicates ... [such- 
and-such performance characteristics] ... " - this that post is  
worthless to me.

And should be worthless to anyone demanding the best-available  

And such mis-information shouldn't be passed on to anyone else. And  
messagegroup moderators should delete such undocumented tripe.

Needless to say, I haven't read much of the recent "Arrow Performance"  
threads. Just aren't worth my time.

Just my opinion, of course. I have been wrong.

I couldn't ask for - nor imagine - better performance from my Arrow  
Antennas than what I am enjoying now. They prove themselves pass after  
pass, demo after demo ....

Clint Bradford
West coast curmudgeon

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