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>> Subject : FW: OFF grid solar system
>  >The grid is vulnerable as a system. 

How can you state that it is vulnerable without stating exactly the nature of that which threatens it?

We have to stop always thinking
> about being connected to or relying on the utility grid. 

You mean stop using an economical, well tested solution to power and spend much more re-inventing the wheel and ending 
up with a much less cost effective solution.

Think in terms
> of building an independant 12 volt DC system (low voltage) 

although we know that distribution at a higher voltace is both cheaper and more efficient.

  Small systems can easily run lights, TV’s, radios,
> even a small refridgerator for essentials. 

But not the SAME lights, TV etc, that we already have. More expense buying two of everything, one for mains voltage and 
one for 12 volts.

You would still need the
> grid power for large loads like heat, large refridgerators, 

To run you life support systems. Freezers for food, heat, water pumps.......
You're only proposing "self generated" to run the small luxuries that nobody NEEDS.

Remember, the wires are antennas

And the wires that distribute your 12V supply are somehow NOT antennas?

  We owe our reliance on a large electrical system to
> Nickolai Tesla

Thanks Nikolai. You did a great job.

  The idea was to minmize power loss over
> long distances. Therefore we should all promote local or household Low 
> voltage DC solar or wind systems 

So you reduce losses in the grid system by not using it.
That doesn't reduce losses, it just means that you are not affected by them.

> Through the years I have built a very economical system comprised of 
> several solar panels with a capacity of about 130 watts 

You'd have problems powering a good set of headphones with that.
My standby is going to be a 25KW generator and a tank of propane.

> I dont want to be connected to the grid which I consider "STUPID" and 
> you dont either. Dont follow, think for yourselves.

The grid is not stupid, it is inanimate. The grids operators might, in your opinion be stupid.
What gives you the authority to decide what I WANT? You might think you know what's best for me but I don't want that.

> Think about this..... brain waves operate up to about 20 cycles per 
> second, imagine what 60 cycles is doing to you and the world.

So after all that, you're just some mickey mouse GREEN ENVIROMENTALIST on your campaign trail.

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