[amsat-bb] Re: OFF grid solar system

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Oct 3 04:51:30 PDT 2009

> Think in terms of ... an independant 
> 12 volt DC system.. starting small 
> and building up over time... We need 
> to be energy independant on a small 
> scale...

Agree, but think in terms of big panels if you want low cost.  I have Eighteen 1 foot solar panels on my car that produce 215 watts total, but the cost for small panels was $2400.  

Now the cost of a single 3.3' by 5.5' house panel is only $600 and it produces 225 watts.  A 4 to 1 cost savings.  So you can get a lot more watts per dollar by getting a large panel.  Though it is a 30 volt panel good for a 24/28 volt battery system.  You can still use it for a 12v system by charging the batteries in series and using them in parallel or getting a 24VDC to 12VDC converter available at any truck parts store.

Bob, Wb4APR

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