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Again,  there is a BIG difference between solar design for
stand-alone battery  systems (must point south, optimum angle,
etc) and grid-tie systems that  can be anything from SE to SW and
even FLAT and still be only a few percent  off peak!.

Sorry Bob,  But a few percent is certainly not correct for the  
installation I'm responsible for.
I have a set of panels pointing at the horizon at my local school and they  
are about 40% down at midday.
The efficiency is directly related to the amount of sun falling on the  
panel....well some relationship to the tan of the angle in radians....or  
whatever it was I calculated and then measured.  Actually the angle to the  sun 
is critical for max efficiency. (Obviously missed completely by the  %7'!**  
who approved this installation.)
If you want to check out the efficiency of an installation near you, just  
have a quick search of the "publicly available plants" at 
_www.sunnyportal.com_ (http://www.sunnyportal.com) 
David  G0MRF

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