[amsat-bb] Arrow 11 Antenna performance from the designer

Peter roi at optonline.net
Thu Oct 1 19:48:00 PDT 2009


I've been reading the comments on the Arrow 11 Antenna regarding performance
comparisons with the stock vs. commercial Duplexer's.  I decided to find the
designer and ask him, while not the scientific answer I was seeking it does
give us some idea of what he was asked to design.

Pete, WB2OQQ

    Well, 2.4 db of loss sounds like one that is a little high, but possible
if you include the cables.  I did this design over 10 years ago, and I hold
no stake in Arrow or Duplexer production.  I used surface mount components
that made it so that it would fit in the handle.  The losses form those are
not as good a tuned up commercial duplexer with better Q's for the
inductors.  As with any project some one's idea is always better than the
rest.  I take it with a grain of salt, this was a fun project I did for
AMSAT and hold no grudges on making it better.  If you can come up with a
better design with some of the stuff that is out there, Go For IT!!!

Best Regards


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