[amsat-bb] IC-970 vs. newer rigs

Peter Jordahl k5gm at amsat.org
Mon Nov 30 16:33:56 PST 2009

Have been following the "910H vs. TS-2000" thread.  Wonder how the older
IC-970A (good in its day) compares with these newer rigs,
acknowledging the lower power (25W) and lack of any DSP in the receiver.
 My 970A is currently in semi-storage waiting for me to have the
old-style trimmer capacitors replaced; the synthesizer no longer locks
on 70 cm.  Hope to get that done soon.  

Any suggestions as to the best repair site for an older ICOM rig
welcome; I already know about MTS and absent  any really glowing
alternative suggestions will probably send it there.

Pete K5GM
Pete Jordahl, K5GM
k5gm at amsat.org

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