[amsat-bb] Re: Icom 910H vs Kenwood TS2000

Tom k0tw at cox.net
Mon Nov 30 14:35:07 PST 2009

Being a recent newbie to the LEOs it had never even occurred to me that too
narrow a beam width could present a problem with staying pointed at those
satellites. Thanks, Reid, for bringing that thought up in my mind. I wasn't
taking it out of context. I was just wondering if it was an unforeseen
problem (by me) that I needed to address. It's things like this that allow
us to learn.

It appears that a narrow beam width is not normally a problem and I thank
John and others who pointed that out. 


> I have used a Cushcraft 13B2 (13 elements) on 2m and a Cushcraft 719B (19
elements) on 70cm on the 
> satellites with no problem.  Didn't experience either as being too narrow
beamwidth for sat use.
> 73s John AA5JG
> I am amazed at how many people take things stated out of context on this 
> reflector. I never said that any of the arrays would not work due to 
> problem they were having hearing the satellites and it was stated that 
> if none of the other suggestions worked to consider that the arrays they 
> are using are pointed correctly in the correct direction of the 
> satellite. Pointing being off, the nulls could easily block the 
> satellite's reception. The larger the array the more this might be 
> evident. The larger the array, stacked arrays and even dish antennas, 
> pointing becomes a bit more critical.
> Reid, W4UPD

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