[amsat-bb] Maximum distance for the LEO satellites

OZ1MY oz1my at privat.dk
Mon Nov 30 13:39:27 PST 2009

Hi all,
Interesting to see the talk about distance records.

Just for fun I tried to find the "best case" distance
for the different satellites.

Conditions for the calculations:
Used NOVA for Windows to find the maximum height.
Used Jan Kings Spreed Sheet to find Slant Range with an elevation of 0
Multiplied by 2 to get maximum distance between two stations.

Sat.     Max. Height  Slant Range  Max. Distance between stations

AO-51      817 km     3300 km          6600 km

SO-50      690 km     3046 km          6092 km

AO-27      800 km     3293 km          6586 km

AO-Ø7      1459 km     4552 km          9104 km

FO-29      1322 km     4314 km          8628 km

VO-52      643 km     2935 km          5870 km

SO-67      506 km     2591 km          5182 km

XW-1       1200 km     4092 km          8184 km

Hope it is right :-)

73 OZ1MY

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