[amsat-bb] Re: Icom 910H vs Kenwood TS2000

wrb wrb at bristor-assoc.com
Mon Nov 30 12:11:13 PST 2009

Your antenna plan is not bad, you just to make sure that their pointing 
(direction) are reasonably accurate. The larger the array, the higher 
the gain, the more narrow the beam width. The 11 element array pointing 
comment was just to be sure that that individual was reasonably close to 
the direction of the bird. Off pointed and he could be experiencing the 
problem he is seeing of not hearing the bird(s). If was meant only as 
another suggestion to look at.

When I get my rotator fixed, I plan on putting the KLM two meter 22 
element and 70 cm 40 element arrays back up. They worked extremely well 
on AO-7 and the HEOs that once circled the heavens.

Reid, W4UPD

Tom wrote:
> Thanks for all of the great information. Since both the TS2000 and IC910H
> have been around a while I believe that most of their 'problems' have been
> at least discovered. So, in that respect, I'm leaning away from the "still
> to be debugged" IC-9100. Also new rigs always are priced high in the
> beginning of their life, as we all know. I know that some of the ham dealers
> are offering "Closeout" prices on the 910H but I didn't see much difference
> from previous pricing. 
> Not to prolong this thread but Jerry's append (below) brings up another
> question. How much antenna is "too much" for satellite operation. Someone
> earlier mentioned that an 11 element yagi might have a beam width too narrow
> to closely follow an LEO bird. I had planned on using yagis with 13 elements
> on 2M and 18 els on 70cm. Is that a bad plan?
> Thanks again.
> Tom, KØTW
>> Hi; I have owned the Ft-736 R and the Ft-847, which I am using now.
>>            No matter which rig you decide to buy the most important thing
>>           is the antenna system.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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