[amsat-bb] Re: Icom 910H vs Kenwood TS2000

Tom k0tw at cox.net
Mon Nov 30 11:38:41 PST 2009

Thanks for all of the great information. Since both the TS2000 and IC910H
have been around a while I believe that most of their 'problems' have been
at least discovered. So, in that respect, I'm leaning away from the "still
to be debugged" IC-9100. Also new rigs always are priced high in the
beginning of their life, as we all know. I know that some of the ham dealers
are offering "Closeout" prices on the 910H but I didn't see much difference
from previous pricing. 

Not to prolong this thread but Jerry's append (below) brings up another
question. How much antenna is "too much" for satellite operation. Someone
earlier mentioned that an 11 element yagi might have a beam width too narrow
to closely follow an LEO bird. I had planned on using yagis with 13 elements
on 2M and 18 els on 70cm. Is that a bad plan?

Thanks again.

> Hi; I have owned the Ft-736 R and the Ft-847, which I am using now.
>            No matter which rig you decide to buy the most important thing
>           is the antenna system.
>                I use KLM,s with switchers and pre amps.
>              I switch my pre amps off and on from the shack.
>              My 847 has a pre amp built in too.
>             Nothing is better than MAST MOUNTED PRE AMPS THOUGH.
>                If my 847 goes bad I will replace it with another used 847.
>              I also work a lot of HF too.
>               I run barefoot on HF all the time.
>                I also get through all the pile ups because I have a good 
> antenna
>                with gain.
>                 Through the years I have made over 15,000 satellite 
> contacts alone.
>                                      73,s Jerry w0sat 

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