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This thread brings up a ongoing effort between myself and Eric-PA1TNO.  At best we share a 30 second window on AO-7.  This equates to a distance of 7837.7Km.  Just trying to streeeeeeeeetch the footprint. 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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So far, my record is 3019 miles on AO51.  I caught KL4E, Craig, up in 
Alaska.  My furthest contact south is 2484 miles to YV5DSL, Jose, in 
Caracas, Venezuela.  I work days so I can't usually get on in the mornings 
during the week but later in the evenings around 10pm-1am CST, I usually 
have SO50 all to myself or maybe one other station- which is absolutely no 
good at all, but I always try to CQ South America in hopes of going further 

This morning, I had a scheduled contact with NH7WN, Robert, in Honolulu- 
which would have been a 3753.190 mile contact.  He was on an HT and an Arrow 
standing in 40 mph winds and rain at 4:40am his time!!  Sawson, KG6NUB, set 
everything up and did a great job of coordinating the attempted QSO.  Thanks 
Sawson!  Apparently we just missed the QSO.  Robert heard me but I did not 
hear him.  I believe I waited just a moment too long to transmit and lost 
the window.  Seconds counted there!  I also appreciate the courtesy of 
VE6AB, Jerry, and K6CDW, David, for clearing during the attempt.  All in 
all, it was a great attempt and we plan on trying again as soon as possible. 


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Hi Kevin, 

I was surprised your post did not attract more discussion than it did,   
as it seems we all love the DX. I've also searched online before and   
could not find anything except for the AO-7 references. I've never   
found the actual footprint dimensions for AO-51/AO-27 either. This   
summer while on the coast of Maine, I tried some trans-atlantic DX on   
AO-51 and AO-27 for the first time. I was using a handheld and   
homebrew yagi (2up, 5down) pictured on my QRZ page. To my amazement, I   
worked the Canary Is. and Spain on my first try from the top of   
Cadillac Mt. in Acadia National Park.. 

Since returning home to Vermont, I've kept at it, sometimes using a   
small amp and/or preamp. I've been quite successful with confirmed   
contacts from the Azores, Canary Is, Spain, England, Ireland,   
Scotland, and Iceland. All of these have been on LEO FM birds ay DX in   
the +/- 3000 mile range. Some of them were made completely barefoot on   
the HTs, some were two way HT with no amp either side! I've heard   
Wales, but he didn't hear me. 

My best DX QSO on AO-27 is England at 3203 Miles (5155 Km). My best DX   
contact on AO-51 is the Canary Is at 3339 miles (5374 km) It's always   
a thrill to do it even when I work the same station over again. 

My best North American continental DX is Inuvik, NWT at 2674 miles on   

I see you have a great antenna set-up. How far south have you been   
able to work with it? 


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