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i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Mon Nov 30 11:04:30 PST 2009

Hi ib, OZ1MY

The accent of the interfering station on AO-51 is from Sardinia Island
and the person speaking is a radioamateur discussing about a 50 ohm
impedance with another Ham.


You cannot solve the problem existing as well in Spain shooting down
all taxi drivers that are using 2 meters for their communications.

The only cure is to make the LEO satellite receivers less sensitive and use
more EIRP at the ground station.........no HT's my friend !

The above problem was not existing on HEO satellites like OSCAR-10
OSCAR-13 and AO40 because the EIRP necessary to access the transponder
was almost 20 dB greater than the power radiated by a taxi driver or by the
Sardinian station.

The second cure don't sell a tranceiver covering the amateur band to
everybody without an amateur licence is against the commercial purposes
i.e. it is unviable.

I know that you will complain with my statement and the Spanish autorities
but if you don't like the Spanish or Sardinia interference over AO-27, AO-52
and SO-50 you must pull for only one HEO and not for many supersensitive

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> Hi Mateusz,
> It sounds like Spanish to me. I heard it during the pass
> also.
> In Spain some people use the 2 meter band for privat
> talk. They are not necessarily radio amateurs.
> It is an old story :-(
> I tried to contact the Spanish authorities - but
> they do not do anything.
> It is often worse on the AO-27 uplink at 145.850 MHz.
> Sometimes they block SO-50 - but you can not hear it -
> however they make it drop out.
> 73 OZ1MY
> Ib
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> > Hallo
> >
> > Today morning I recorded signals from AO51 downlink with my call and a
> > station in background:
> > www.enduro.idl.pl/audio_sat/AO51_30_11_09_0754UTC.mp3
> > Elevation was 3 deg and lower.
> > Station heard in background probably doesn't know that transmits within
> > satellite part of 2m band, maybe it is not amateur?
> >
> > Matt SQ7DQX
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