[amsat-bb] Re: Icom 910H vs Kenwood TS2000

w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Mon Nov 30 08:47:16 PST 2009

Sorry to hear about your power output problems on your IC-910. I do not 
have that problem. It requires an SWR of over 1.5:1 before I start 
seeing it degrade in output power. I have almost 100 watts (stays around 
98 watts output) for the entire 2 meter band until the swr goes above 
1.5:1. 70 cm is the same. I have at least 75 watts out on 70 cm even 
running it into a 2 meter ground plane or MFJ discone. However, the 2 
meter ground plane is very narrow for use on 70 cm and only allows 
reasonable swr on the satellite frequencies. I find that a simple 70 cm 
30 degree sloper ground plane gives me better band width and of course 
works better on the satellites than the 2 meter. The two meter is only 
being used due to my sloper being rebuilt right now.

I agree on the comments you made about the TS2000, but have definitely 
found the the TS2000 lacking in it "hearing" sensitivity. For a complete 
"DC to light" rig, the Kenwood is great, but like some of the other 
features about the IC-910 and already have many HF (dc to light ) rigs 
such as an Omni VI Ten Tec, Yaesu FT-817 and FT-857 and another 
hf/vhf/uhf rig was not necessary. I find that my preference is the 
IC-910 due to the comments I have made. I know of many who really like 
the TS-2000. As I stated before I have the Kenwood TS711/811 which have 
been super units,  but no longer supported by the new software now 

Reid, W4UPD

Reid, W4UPD

Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I own a TS-2000X and thanks to the AMSAT Symposium :) an IC-910.   I
> do more digital than voice, so my perspective is biased in that
> direction.
> Here are some of my thoughts:
> The CAT control of the TS-2000X is amazing.  All menu options are
> available remotely via CAT.  No so with the 910.
> The TS-2000X allows adjustments of modem/TNC levels in/out of the rig,
> 910 does not.
> The TS-2000X has built-in TXCO and DSP, 910 does not (yes, they are
> expen$ive options).
> The TS-2000X lets you work mode A, 910 does not.
> The TS-2000X gives me the full rated power output on both 2M and 70cm,
> the 910 does not (same antennas, feedlines, etc.)---does anybody have
> the solution to this?  Even with flat SWR the 910 cuts back output to
> about 70-75W on 2M and 40-50W on 70cm!!  Bummer
> The 910 receiver is much better on 2M than my TS-2000X, which is
> actually pretty deaf on 2M(even after doing the "resistor mod" to
> improve receive).
> The 910 does not have the AO-27/SO-50 birdy, while the TS-2000X
> does--this is my single biggest disappointment with this radio!!!!
> Tuning the TS-2000X "off frequency" by 5-7kHz above and below the real
> frequency helps a bit, but it's still a pain.
> In spite of the short comings of the TS-2000X, I don't think I'd trade
> it even up for an IC-910H with a the 1.2 gig module installed...
> 73,
> Mark N8MH
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>> I plan to purchase a new home transceiver in the next few months and I've
>> narrowed my choices between a 910H and a TS2000. Thinking only of satellite
>> operation (ignoring the HF capability of the TS2000), is there a general
>> preference in the Amsat community of one over the other? Reasons?
>> Thanks for your opinions.
>> Tom, K?TW

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