[amsat-bb] New member and a question

Jon Knodel jknodel at msn.com
Sun Nov 29 23:32:34 PST 2009



I'm new to this group and have just started working some of the 'easy' satellites.  I've already made some great contacts and received help from the more experienced satellite operators.  


Unfortunately, I don't think I got the call or grid correct of the very first satellite contact I made and would like to try to find out who it was for sure.  


The contact was on AO-51 at about 0035 UTC Nov 28, 2009.  I thought the other station's call was KG6CMU in Grid CM86.  I really don't think I got the call or grid correct.  Can anyone confirm this contact with N7XW in CN76?  I'd certainly appreciate it. 


Since this first contact, I now record my QSO's so that I get the information correct (I'm operating with a handheld and portable yagi).  Thanks for the help.






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