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I believe that automatic tuning of the downlink receiver will only work with FM, as an output of the FM discriminator can be used to give an error (difference) signal for tuning.  I don't believe this is possible with an arbitrary SSB signal.  The only way SSB/CW can work is to have a known signal to analyze, such as digital or a single CW communication channel.  The software used to decode AO-40 middle beacon, for example, was capable of providing a tuning output, and I've seen CW and PSK sound card software do some limited tracking as well.  But a random (i.e. voice) SSB signal?  Don't think that's possible.

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> > I have been having a debate with my son about the overuse of Auto-Tune 
> > in music. Personally, I find it irritating. Then it occurred to me that 
> > I had proposed on this BB a long time ago that it would be nifty to have 
> > a DSP (Like  Timewave DSP-599) that would correct for doppler. Has 
> > anyone tried Auto-Tune to correct doppler on a linear transponder?
> > 
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> A variation used here. On my PCR 1000 i correct the doppler on my 2.4 GHZ downconverter IF with the AFC frequency tuning. It is effective 
> but signal should be always present it loose track in the signal fades but easily corrected manually. Never tested yet on a SSB or CW 
> signal only on FM.
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