[amsat-bb] Boost To higher Orbits?

Idle-Tyme nss at mwt.net
Sun Nov 29 16:49:45 PST 2009

Hi all,

This is now WAY out in crazy thinking.  But we all know how a wind speed 
anemometer works right?  The flat side has more resistance to the 
"Wind"  than the rounded front side, so it has greater pressure exerted 
on it right?  This would even work with not so much half spheres as in a 
traditional anemometer  but with like pyramids shapes i would also think.

Now does solar "Wind'  have pressures similar to air "Wind"? obviously 
it does or they wouldn't be thinking if trying to use it right?

I know it's exceedingly small amounts of pressure.  but if we were to 
launch into an orbit that is as close to the equator as possible and the 
bird deploys as large as possible equivalent of an anemometer cup and 
it's positioned so that it's base is perpendicular to the solar wind 
when  it is directly at right angles to the earth and sun.

This tiny push,  and then 180 deg later  less push  then 180 deg later 
more push  etc.

think  this bird could ever so slowly in a spiral raise it's orbit?

Crazy?  what's anyone think?

*The Original Rolling Ball Clock

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