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> http://www.ham.vgnet.nl/downloads/SO-67-29-nov-2009-0933CEST.mp3
> Here a audio file from the pass over europe this morning. The file is
> 5.640Kb in size. (29-nov-2009 09:33 CEST)
> If you've listened to this file, maybe you can come to the conclusion that
> using the satellite in a different way would make the change of making a
> connection more likely?
> 73's PE0SAT

Hi Jan

It look likes a bit better than what we can hear here...Main problem station overdeviated and out of uplink frequency could be some cannot 
read instructions on AMSAT-SA web page could be a translation in a couple of language will be helpfull? Just in case someone does not get 
theses instructions yet here is the link:


As the signal is very strong could be many stations are trying to get in with less than marginal uplink equipment and the floor/QRM noise 
is probably due to this?

The instruction to follow:

The CTCSS tone for the transponder is 233.6 Hz.

Uplink:  145.875MHz
Downlink:  435.345MHz

Additional recommendations:
Use only narrow FM
Switch off compression
Speak softly (mic gain down) 
In french:

Notes d'opérations pour SO-67

Fréquence en montée    145.875MHz
Fréquence en descente  435.345MHz

Recommendations supplémentaires:
une modulation FM à bande étroite
Ne pas utiliser de compression audio
Réduire le gain microphonique et parler en réduisant le volume de la voix


Note d' operazioni per SO-67 
Frequenza in aumento 145.875MHz 
Frequenza in discesa 435.345MHz 

Recommendations supplementari: 
una modulazione FM a banda stretta 
Non utilizzare compressione audio 
Ridurre il guadagno microfonico e parlare riducendo il volume della voce


Notas d' operaciones para SO-67 

Frecuencia en subida 145.875MHz 
Frecuencia en pendiente 435.345MHz 

Recommendations suplementarios: 
una gradación FM a estrecha banda 
No utilizar compresión audio 
Reducir la ganancia microfónica y hablar reduciendo el volumen de la voz

Feal free to add and correct the above translations


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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