[amsat-bb] Arrow Efficiency

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Sat Nov 28 13:56:19 PST 2009

Aloha All

And Happy Holidays! Yesterday, I was able
to work the easterly pass (from Honolulu) of
AO-51 around 0206Z. The maximum elevation
was 1.3 degrees. Using my VX-7R and 
Arrow antenna I was able to hold the satellite
for three minutes and eighteen seconds out
of a possible four minutes and fifty seconds
of available footprint. I was at the ocean's 
edge with no obstacles blocking AOS/LOS. 
During the +three minute period I was able to
work or hear the following stations:


I have concluded that most of the above 
QSOs occurred with AO-51 at 1.2 degs. 
elevation. Many thanks and much 
appreciation to the above stations. Should u
wish a copy of the pass,  I have a .mp3 
available (unfortunately my xmits are not 
heard due to the "simplexity" of the VX-7R.
Conclusion: The Arrow works great!

73 de NH7WN
robert in Honolulu

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