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> I read the message as being more than just a suggestion from
> read to me as a planned schedule.  The "suggested" reference was simply to
> give credit to the regional coordinators for their input...I did not view
> as meaning the schedule Jan-Albert put out was just suggested.
> This all said, the bird is still in testing which means to me that *all*
> published/planned schedules are in the "anticipated" category  ;>)
> 73
> David

Hi David, K6CDW

I agree with you.

In my opinion the message of Jan-Albert has only the purpose to let us
know what is the suggestion of the regional coordinators and not the
satellite schedule for today and tomorrow.

But supposing that the users don't agree with the suggestion of regional
coordinators i wonder where to address a complain.

As far I know the list of regional coordinators has not been yet released.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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