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David Wing david at cdwing.com
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By all means try out using a binocular or a telescope but don't rush out and
buy something just for this unless you are prepared to buy something
specifically for viewing celestial bodies.  My point is that a handheld
binocular is not stable enough to hold the celestial body in the field of
view.  You can try using a tripod but a regular camera tripod is sometimes
difficult to work with as they are designed to keep something very still as
opposed to tracking something on both azimuth and elevation.

Again, definitely try things out but I would start with something borrowed
if you don't already own a binocular or a telescope.

Just my 2 cents.

73, David

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I just saw the space station for the first time ever. It was a beautiful
315(NW) to 135 (SE) degree pass at 01:32UTC and was easily visible as the
one of the brightest lights in the sky to the naked eye. This, even in the
light polluted sky of Los Angeles. I thought it was quite cool (although my
g/f didn't share in my enthusiasm) and am going to have to find a telescope
of binoculars for the next one. 




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