[amsat-bb] Re: UO-11 heard

Clive Wallis amsat-bb at g3cwv.co.uk
Fri Nov 27 03:42:34 PST 2009


Very many thanks to everyone who sent reception reports of this 
satellite or posted them to this bulletin board.  I've been overwhelmed 
by the number received! I've replied to most, but my apologies if I've 
missed anyone.

I've been receiving good signals from the satellite during the morning 
passes, when it was not in eclipse.  However, today ( Nov 27) nothing 
heard this morning, so the watchdog timer may have caused the bird to 
switch off.

I would be interested in any  reports of reception AFTER 09:30 UTC 26 

I'll write full report at the end of the month, after reviewing the 
reports, and  data collected.

BTW due to the failure of my former ISP, following a company take-over, 
I was forced to change my personnel e-mail address and website earlier 
this year.  My sincere apologies if I haven't replied to any e-mails 
sent earlier this year. Please resend via the AMSAT reflector.

73     Clive    G3CWV

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