[amsat-bb] Uni_trac 2000 question?

Michael Wolthuis mwolthuis at freedomnetsolutions.com
Wed Nov 25 11:55:56 PST 2009

Thanks to many helpful suggestions and support from the AMSat-BB list I was
able to get the Uni_Trac 2000 working with Nova DDE and with Yaesu g-5500
and FT-847.    Thank-you.

I have one problem remaining.....

My uni_trac window for some reason is always lagging behind the tracking
that Nova is doing.  I thought Nova would control the tracking, but it
appears it simply passes the satellite object name to Uni_trac and Uni_Trac
does its own calculations on the KEPs.

I made certain they are using the same nasa KEPs file for both Nova and
Uni_Trac.  They have the same GPS coordinates entered and I have the same
height above sea level in them both (although on in feet and on in meters).

Does anyone have any thoughts?  It seems that Uni_Trac is lagging or it is
calculating the KEP differently.

If there is a better listserv I should post this too, please advise.

Thanks again to all!  73s

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