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> Back what I used to call "not so many" years ago, maybe 1980-1985, I
recall NASA
> mailing me 2-line elements for specific satellites I had selected.  These
would come in an
> official manilla envelope with an extremely official looking NASA label
affixed to it. I recall
> these would arrive in my mailbox every week or so.  Later they dwindled to
perhaps one per month.
> At some point, they just stopped mailing them to me. Perhaps I had missed
a reminder to update
> my subscription info. I'm assuming more than likely the free service just
became redundant, as BBS systems,
> and later internet services began providing them online for free. Not to
mention the Oscar data provided
> in the AMSAT Journal.
> Question(s):

> * Which NASA office did these originate from?
> * When did this service begin/end?
> * Could requests be made for any unclassified object in orbit, as long as
the designator was known?
> For your eyes only, (ssshhh...)
> Rich, N8UX

Hi Rich, N8UX

Early 1975 and up to 1985 I was receiving as well the keplerian elements by
regular post from NASA but actually things are changed with a more fast
distribution on internet.

You can dowload the 2 line NASA keplerian elements for all satellite you
need from the following site.


Only for the amateur satellites here


If you need the amateur satellites keplerian elements sent by email
to your address you can subscribe at no cost to the folloving AMSAT


73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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