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Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
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Hi Jack 

The 910 I believe is already discontinued or that process will be very forth coming.  "Most" likely any "significant" satellites will have 1.2 capability.  By significant I believe HEO or MEO.  Then there is the opportunity for terrestrial, eme, atv, and general fun and games on 1296.  Once on 1.2 a 70W amp from KJ6KO can really add to the fun!  If you like to build and play with antennas, a super antenna about four feet long can make it all worth while.  I believe there is some significant 1296 activity in New England, your performance will depend on local topography,  antenna, etc.  Here in Western Washington we bounce 1.2 off mountains and get some interesting propagation.  In my opinion the 910 will not loose value, once out of production the demand may even go up. 

73 Bob W7LRD 
Washington State AMSAT area coordinator 

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I've been thinking about adding the 1200 MHz band unit to my 910 radio.  My dilemma is foremost that will this band be used on any of the  new satellites?  The rumor is that the 910 radio may be discontinued.  The question I have is whether to quickly obtain the module in the event that this is also discontinued.  I would really appreciate any thoughts on what action I should take.  I do like ICOM products but find it difficult to get information about this type of situation.  Thanks for any input. Jack WA1ZDV 
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