[amsat-bb] Re: SO-67 22Nov2009 1410z eastern USA

w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Sun Nov 22 07:03:52 PST 2009

May be a note of interest. First chance I had to try and work the new 
bird and noticed that I had similar problems to the drop outs as 
previously mentioned. However, in my case I discovered at the end of the 
pass that I had forgotten to turn on the tone! I wonder how many may 
still may not have their tone enabled or wrong tone frequency?

I also noticed that the bird was quite strong on the arrangement I was 
using and did not bother to turn on the receive preamp. I was using my 
IC-910 running one watt for the up link on a Ringo Ranger II vertical 
and my down link antenna was a two meter simple ground plane which seems 
to work well on the satellite frequencies. It is obviously three time 
larger in wave length for 70cm and narrow (only has good swr on the 
satellite frequencies) but does surprisingly well.

I also wonder is some of the the drop outs might be due to the tones 
over deviating on signals and not  known since they are not heard. 
Suggested narrow  FM would probably reduce that particular problem.

Way to go Amsat-SA looking forward to more "on" time and sounds very good.

Reid, W4UPD

John Papay wrote:
> Audio is on my webserver:
> http://www.papays.com/SO-67_22Nov2009_141052z.mp3
> Lots of activity as usual.  I noted a slightly stronger
> signal on the downlink on Left Hand Polarization.
> 73,
> John K8YSE

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