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Tim Goodrich tim at timgoodrich.net
Fri Nov 20 19:24:26 PST 2009

Thanks for the kind words Clint, it was a pleasure to meet you too. 
For all you out there looking to get people in your club into amsat
activities, I would highly recommend Clint's presentation. While I had to
leave before I saw it, judging by his enthusiasm while working the AO-51
pass together, I'm sure his presentation can't be beat! 

I don't want to speak for Clint, but perhaps he may even be willing to take
his show on the road if the club picks up his airfare, especially if the
club is located in Hawaii :-)


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A couple notes surrounding my AMSAT presentation in Torrance, CA this  

1. THANK YOU to whichever AO-51 commander flipped AO-51 to V/U today.  
It was scheduled to go to V/U at 00:00GMT on the 20th - which was  
4:00PM on the 19th my local time. And the pass I wanted to work was  
just 42 minutes later. And it was ON!

2. Don't know exactly how to explain it, but the pass today at 4:42PM  
Pacific Standard Time didn't exhibit the "normal" silencing, then  
faint voices, then stronger voices. It plainly BLASTED into  
discernible conversations, and we we were able to work it much sooner  
than "normal." We were not hidden behind foothills. It was a pretty  
clear shot South to AOS. It really floored me - in a most positive  
way.  It was dramatic.

3. Thanks to KI6VBY Tim for showing up for the pass. He isn't a member  
of the club I was speaking to. But he follows AMSAT-BB, and has  
cruised my sat Web site, and wanted to meet me and work the bird  
together. Glad he got to meet Carl Gardenias, too. Tim's no "newbie  
amateur" - he has built several portable HF antennas for events, and  
has a great, analytical mind. He's also served our country in the  
military, and is working on advanced degrees in college. He had to  
leave right after the pass today, in order to get some school study  
time completed. When he has time, he'll be a valuable asset to  
whichever club he joins.

4. Another thanks to ARRL Orange Section guru Carl Gardenias, who  
helped me carry my bags to/from the meeting room. "I wanted to see  
your show in person,"  Carl advised. He said he only cringed once at  
my humor during the presentation ...

That's it for in-person presentations this year. I still have two  
Internet shows lined up (EchoLink) in December. And a date in January  
already made. Thanks for a great year, AMSAT-BB folks!

Clint Bradford, K6LCS


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