[amsat-bb] SO-67 schedule: 21/22 Nov 2009

Jan-Albert Koekemoer jan.koekemoer at sunspace.co.za
Fri Nov 20 11:56:19 PST 2009

Hi All
Since last week, we have learnt a couple of things re the behaviour of the FM
payload, most notibly that the drop-out problem can be avoided as follows:
directly after an over, the Tx tail will be "active" for 3 seconds.  If,
during this time, somebody starts to Tx, that person will be cut off when the
tail stops.  For the time being, the cut-outs can therefore be avoided by
waiting out the 3s tail before transmitting.
This is obviously an irritation that we're still working on.  Also note that
an over has a maximum permitted duration of 30s.  After this, the
transmission will be terminated.
The schedule for this weekend is as follows (all times in UTC; all
activations are 15 min long):
20 Nov
23:00 Australia
21 Nov
00:19 Japan
00:36 Australia
03:33 India
06:55 RSA
09:45 Europe
11:35 Brazil
13:07 Brazil
14:30 Canada/USA
16:05 Canada/USA
17:38 Canada/USA
21:11 New Zealand
23:57 Japan
22 Nov
00:14 Australia
06:34 RSA
07:49 Europe
08:10 RSA
11:13 Brazil
12:46 Brazil
14:10 Canada/USA
15:43 Canada/USA
17:17 Canada/USA

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