[amsat-bb] Outdoor Box: Further Considerations

Stan, W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Fri Nov 20 07:28:05 PST 2009

Hello The Net:

additional considerations:

1. Add a small hole in the bottom to allow the box to vent, << 1/8" 
drill is OK.
small enough to keep the bugs out, but enough to prevent a vacuum build 
up inside or over pressuring.

2. Not all electrical boxes are created equal. The cost effective 
(cheap) ones are PVC. Some use
sheet metal type (self tapping) screws to secure the cover.
The better ones use a metal insert that mates a machine screw. The 
threads last longer.
Some PVC material is softer than others that are more brittle. Be 
careful drilling holes.

3. Typical NEMA ratings are #12 for indoor wet environment, 4X for 
weather proof/tight.
Newer IPC ratings are available but you need to research the IPC #'s.
I avoid NEMA 12 enclosues

4. Ebay can be your friend for cost effective larger weatherproof 
Search electrical enclosures.
For fiberglass enclosures, BONDO fiberglass filler is easily applied to 
fill existing holes.
Tape over the back side, fill with BONDO, paint to seal.

Other enclosures are available in fiberglass ($) aluminum ($$) and 
stainless steel ($$$$).
Some with stainless steel hinges and latches to open the cover.

5. design for your environment. Here in New England we have temperature 
extremes and lotsa rain/snow/wind.
A milder environment like So. Cal. will allow a simpler box. I avoid 
painted steel boxes, even the galvi ones...

6.  Another source after Home Depot and Lowes can be     
a agricultural supply house. Electrical supply houses for tradesmen can 
also be helpful.

Stan, W1LE     FN41sr     Cape Cod

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