[amsat-bb] Running Power to the Polarity Switch

David Wing david at cdwing.com
Thu Nov 19 19:58:38 PST 2009

I'm making good progress to get my KLM and Cushcraft antennas mounted on the
roof.I think I'll be able to wrap it all up this weekend.


I do have a question about the polarity switch on the Cushcraft 30 element
440 antenna.  The switch has one lead that seems to be intended go to +12vDC
and the negative lead goes to the boom of the antenna.  Do I need connect
-12vDC to the coax on my feed line in order to complete this circuit?  Seems
easier to just disconnect the wire from the boom and run it to a dedicated
-12vDC lead.  My switch on my KLM is fed with dedicated leads for + and -
and it seems that would be the easiest way to deal with the Cushcraft.


Am I missing something obvious here?  I have wires to spare and can so it's
not a big savings to me to run the -12vDC on the coax if that is the reason
why this was designed this way.


Pointers and suggestions welcome.


73, David


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