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You are probably correct in that statement Jeff, "so naturally we're nuts,"....hi... I can imagine just what folks think when they see one of us sweeping the skies with our little antennas and radios. 

That 4 corner location was viewed in Google Earth. Once I get in the area, then I can really look over the situation. I dont think CM96 or CM97 are in demand as much as DM07, looking at your survey. So, when I get there I will determine just exactly what I am going to do. 

Again, this Grid-exposition is scheduled for tomorrow 11/18/09 on the AO-27 pass @ 2041 utc and the SO-50 pass @ 2238 utc. Also maybe the AO-27 pass @ 2220 utc, which is a West Coast pass. Equipment will be Yaesu FT-60R HT and ELK yagi on tripod this time. 

For QSL, send me an email with your info or QSL direct (SASE not required but appreciated) or eQSL.cc. I dont chase paper or grids, but do like to get cards. Hey, gotta plug up the nail holes in the wall the xyl puts in with pictures and nick-nacks, right? 

Hope to see you all there. 

John W6ZKH 

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Hi John, 

Will be looking forward to working you in DM07. You know. The 4 grid 
corner in the middle of an almond orchard is really not a problem. We're 
hams, we operate satellites, so naturally we're nuts, so we'd all fit in. :) 


Jeff WB3JFS 

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> Hello all............barring any unforeseen problems, next Wednesday, 
> 11/18/09 I will take a quick trip up to DM07 Grid to fulfill some requests 
> for that grid, plus hopefully it wont be a bust like last time. The data 
> is: 
> AO-27 @ 2041 utc which is a 25 deg pass 
> SO-50 @ 2238 utc which is a 23 deg pass 
> I had hoped to work the intersection of CM86/CM87/DM06/DM07 except it is 
> in the middle of large Almond orchard, so will just stick with DM07. 
> I will be using the Yaesu FT-60R ht + Elk dual-band yagi, like I did when 
> on vacation last month. 
> Hope to work as many as I can for those 2 passes. QSL direct (no SASE 
> required) or eQSL.cc This Grid Location, DM07 is mostly rural and 
> mountainous, where Yosemite is located. I will be in the SW corner, in the 
> valley so wont be blocked by the Sierra Nevada's. 
> Look for all. 
> John W6ZKH 
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