[amsat-bb] Top 250 Grid Survey - Results

Michael Rudzki n8mr at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 16 16:42:37 PST 2009

After several years of activating Eagle Harbor Lighthouse (EN57) without HTs or an Arrow antenna, we were asked by the local hams in upper Michigan why we don't operate on the satellites anymore. We are now planning on bringing our sat gear in August 2010 to activate at least EN57 and EN67. And if Al doesn't have EN56 by that time, I will personally drive down to Jacobsville and activate it. 

EN66 is on our way to Eagle Harbor, but we usually pass through that region in mid afternoon EDT on a Friday. As a result, all of our previous attempts to activate EN66 were unsuccessful. But we will try again next year, provided there is an FM satellite within range while we are driving through. 

Mike, N8MR

"Jeff Yanko" <wb3jfs at xxxxxxx> wrote:

Alvaro de Leon Romo <xe2at at xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I see that I am the only one soul that need EN56 :-)

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