[amsat-bb] Help unit_trac2000 + WinXP

wolthui3@msu.edu wolthui3 at msu.edu
Sun Nov 15 11:22:45 PST 2009

I have searched and searched to get this working, but I can not.  I bought used a Uni_trac 2000 silver case.  I have the latest software loaded on my WinXP Nova sat tracking computer.  I have the original cable for the Yaesu g5500.  I have confirmed all the pin outs.
I am stuck on the calibration portion of the install instructions.  I have installed the port95nt.exe as stated in the instructions.

The software runs and appears to be talking to the UniTrac2000 on LPT1.  It has the yellow LED flashing constantly (like it is geting data).  If I pull the power and replug it in then it goes solid yellow until I hit Hardware Reset in the unitrac software.  So I am sure it is talking.

I double click on Calibrate like the instructions say.  I see the Green 0's and it says to use the manual buttons to fully exectue rotation of up and right.  I do this, but the numbers do not change.  I see it says to adjust the voltage pots, but that doesn't do me any good.

Anyone help?


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