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Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at charter.net
Sun Nov 15 10:08:36 PST 2009

Reid is correct.

Unfortunately, WISP has a limited number of entries (50) for satellites in 
its database.

In order to add a new satellite:

1. Go to Database->Edit Satellite data.
2. Go through the list and delete the satellites you do not use or at least 
one for your entry.
3. Modify a Kep list to contain only the satellite or satellites you want to 
update (AO-51). Limit this only to the ones you want to add.
4. Go to Database->Update Satellite Database and open your modified Kep 

The new satellites you put in your Kep file should be in your database and 
viewable unless you exceeded 50 satellites, This is the reason for modifying 
a Kep file to add only the ones you want to add. Once they are in the 
database they will remain unless you delete it. When you load future 
keplerian element sets only the ones in your database will be updated 
provided there is an update. If your Kep set contains more than 50 satellite 
elements they will be added if there are empty slots available in the 
database. Otherwise, they will be ignored.

Tim - N8DEU
Decatur, Alabama

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> Most likely the keps database in wisp is full. You'll need to eliminate
> a few unused satellites to make room for new ones.
> Reid, W4UPD
> Bruce wrote:
>> BB
>>   In prep for the change over to 38k4 DL I've put together a home brew 
>> computer running WinXP. I've got Wisp loaded but for whatever reason it 
>> cannot find AO-51 in the kep database. I used the database update feature 
>> using a text file but it still can't find AO-51.
>>   Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
>> 73 Bruce KG4YEV
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