[amsat-bb] Re: Satellites need to be open source

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
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AMSAT-NA has aleady disclosed everything that people need to know which is 
that U.S. residents need government permission to contribute technically to 
a foreign satellite project and the foreign nationals may be required to 
sign agreements that they will obey U.S. rules. The text of ITAR is feely 
available on the web by doing a Google search. There's no reason to disclose 
any dunning letters from the government.



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>> Since you are in Canada you don't have to worry about U.S. laws.
>> 73,
>> John
> Good question John
> I can govern myself as i put my my head in the sand ignoring the rest of 
> the world but i have a hobby who make's me communicate through a
> medium called "satellite" and those satellites ignore the frontier or the 
> boundaries. There is a wide concensus about extending those
> geographical limitations using a satellite with a highly elliptical orbit 
> namely called HEO. There is one in the making in Germany just
> near to be completed and a WORLDWIDE AMATEUR RADIO SPIRIT is needed to 
> help them to complete and launch this new HEO.
> I'm worried so much about amateur radio satellite that i suggested 
> numerous ideas in the past in a way to help finding a replacement for AO-
> 40. Could be i'm wrong but i'm only asking AMSAT-NA and namely his BOD to 
> disclose the papers/letters condemning AMSAT-NA and or his BOD or
> staff for ITAR violations.
> I'm guessing at the last general AMSAT-NA  meeting the BOD put in the 
> members assembly notes the copy of those letters from the ITAR
> afficionados? If not it will a great help for us and for all the US 
> amateur radio operators to see where they can be wrong in their actions
> regarding ITAR.
> You are right when you wrote "you don't have to worry about U.S. laws" 
> it's not of my concern but i'm asking only for a disclosure of the
> condemning letter coming from ITAR about presuming rules violation by 
> All the AMSAT financial report are already available on AMSAT-NA web site 
> why not put copy of those letters on the web site? it will not
> hurt anyone but it will be a great help for all of those who wants to 
> exchange stuff with US hams and probably numerous US hams who are
> probably in a huge void actually about what they can do or not.
> When i got a speeding ticket i have a piece of paper and AMSAT-NA probably 
> got one or two letters also?
> What do you think about that John?
> "-"
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