[amsat-bb] How configure a TS2000 for SO67

ON5UE on5ue at skynet.be
Sat Nov 14 05:38:12 PST 2009

Hello sathams.


I've tested and found out that CTSS tone in a TS2000 in sat-mode can't by

Neither via a satprogram.


But how to configure the TS2000 to work SO67 

Set sat mode off

Set split off

Set the main VFO for uplink 145.875MHz 

Set to FMN mode

Push the CTSS button and CT must appear in de main VFO display.

Push sequelly FUNC and CTSS/SEL button and select 233.6kHz by turning the

Push sequelly FUNC and CTSS/SEL button again to enter the CTSS tone.

Push the SUB button.

Push the CTRL button so the CTRL-indicator appear on the VFO B display.

Select the 70cm-band by using the + and - buttons.

Set to FMN mode

Press the 1MHz button en use the MULTI/CH knob to adjust.

Finaly use the tunerknob to finetune the frequentie 435.345MHz.

Make sure the step is 5kHz.

Turn down the MAIN AF.

Turn up the SUB AF.

Listen with a headset so there is no sing arround when you transmit.

Use less power as possible. ( EU?)


Cu on sats.







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