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John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
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Since you are in Canada you don't have to worry about U.S. laws.



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>>  >> ... Why aren't the schematics ... posted on the internet?
>> I think the info IS out there. AMSAT-NA doesn't seem to be hiding
>> anything.
> If all is publicly open how ITAR seems to prevent disclosure of the very 
> same technology used by AMSAT-NA or anyone else! there is already
> know SDR and others widely available technology very well documented....
> It will be useful to see the papers issued by ITAR afficionados against 
> AMSAT-NA to see what they have made wrong and against ITAR rules?
> They surely pointed out some inappropriate actions and the disclosure of 
> theses inappropriate actions will help a lot of us as many are
> already transferring notes schematic data files and so on in a way to 
> share satellite technology between ham's.
> I already received some request about DSTAR coding and DSTAR technology 
> information from some universities and i'm exchanging files on the
> very same subject with europe can i violate ITAR or those in the US who 
> send me some files are they violating ITAR?
> I got at a hamfest a "special" transmitter who was supposed to be a very 
> wide VHF transmitter but the output is made only of white noise
> with hissing special effect... as usual i come up with the first 
> conclusion that i got another piece of scrap but pushing a bit more my
> search i found it was an exciter part of a power chain apparently made on 
> purpose to transmit only noise... be my guess what the primary
> use of this transmitter was but how many of us can stumble on some weird 
> piece of equipment and when making theses items available for swap
> of for sale did we violate ITAR?
> The disclosure of the ITAR rules apparently violated by AMSAT-NA will only 
> help us to see if we are on the right track or on the side one.
> P.S. i got a Power Supply who come up with my unmark noise transmiter it 
> is a Qualidyne switching power supply model 9010E-1Z-001 SN: 70121
> it is rated for 1200Watts 12V at 100amps if any one can help me finding at 
> least the schematic in a way to find how to switch it on. Only
> the fan start when i plugged it into the AC main.
> Thank's
> "-"
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