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On 12 Nov 2009 at 13:02, Clint Bradford wrote:

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>  >> ... Why aren't the schematics ... posted on the internet?
> I think the info IS out there. AMSAT-NA doesn't seem to be hiding  
> anything.
If all is publicly open how ITAR seems to prevent disclosure of the very same technology used by AMSAT-NA or anyone else! there is already 
know SDR and others widely available technology very well documented....

It will be useful to see the papers issued by ITAR afficionados against AMSAT-NA to see what they have made wrong and against ITAR rules? 
They surely pointed out some inappropriate actions and the disclosure of theses inappropriate actions will help a lot of us as many are 
already transferring notes schematic data files and so on in a way to share satellite technology between ham's.

I already received some request about DSTAR coding and DSTAR technology information from some universities and i'm exchanging files on the 
very same subject with europe can i violate ITAR or those in the US who send me some files are they violating ITAR?

I got at a hamfest a "special" transmitter who was supposed to be a very wide VHF transmitter but the output is made only of white noise 
with hissing special effect... as usual i come up with the first conclusion that i got another piece of scrap but pushing a bit more my 
search i found it was an exciter part of a power chain apparently made on purpose to transmit only noise... be my guess what the primary 
use of this transmitter was but how many of us can stumble on some weird piece of equipment and when making theses items available for swap 
of for sale did we violate ITAR?

The disclosure of the ITAR rules apparently violated by AMSAT-NA will only help us to see if we are on the right track or on the side one.

P.S. i got a Power Supply who come up with my unmark noise transmiter it is a Qualidyne switching power supply model 9010E-1Z-001 SN: 70121 
it is rated for 1200Watts 12V at 100amps if any one can help me finding at least the schematic in a way to find how to switch it on. Only 
the fan start when i plugged it into the AC main.



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