[amsat-bb] SatPC32 12.8a and IC-910

Allan Saul allan at rfdesign.co.za
Thu Nov 12 20:41:17 PST 2009

Hi Erich,

Thanks for the great upgrade. I see you incorporated the CW-N mode and
the display of the DOPPLER.sqf line in the CAT menu I suggested :)

You are correct, one of the issues with fast changes in Doppler on a
CW-N signal is that it jumps in pitch a lot. I enabled the x5 and x10 mode
and I can see SatPC32 is now polling the IC-910 much quicker (the SUB
light on the LCD flashes an instruction is sent to the rig via C-IV). But
what I cant figure out is that even if I set the CW/SSB interval
to 10Hz, the rig only changes every 100Hz. When I make small changes
to the VFO by rocking the dial back and forth on the rig the full update to the goes
back to the frequency display in SatPC32   right down to the last Hertz but as soon
as I let go of the VFO knob the IC-910 jumps to the nearest 100 Hz increment up or
down when the next C-IV instruction is received from SatPC32.
So it seems the full frequency command is going from the IC-910 to SatPC32
but its not accepting it from SatPC32 ?
Or am I missing something ? Maybe someone else can test and confirm this.

73's and Best Regards,
Allan ZS1LS

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