[amsat-bb] Re: So is P3E essentially dead at this point?

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The ITAR-rules is one of the biggest carp ever.


Make a website where every amateur can download the schematics, pcbs
layouts, software,... This will be a great help.
Make your designs more open. Every amateur will benefit from this action.

For example:

An ham radio organisation wants to build a satellite. Is cost alot in
research and devolpemt in the receivers and transmitters. We can
overcome this problem by reusing design for other satellite.
They want a 2M FM reciever. AO-51 has a 2M reciever. Why we can't use
that design? They want also a S band FM transmitter. idem ditto of
AO-51.  But they want an other house keeping unit. Which they build
Then they put it in a 1U cube sat, wait for a launch opportunity.  And
we have a nice bird.

I thought over this problem.



2009/11/11 John B. Stephensen <kd6ozh at comcast.net>:
> I had to deal with ITAR issues at a previous employer, with assistance from
> a lawyer who was a specialist in this area, and everything that AMSAT-NA
> officials have said sounds correct to me.
> 73,
> John
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> Excerpts:
>> Substantial progress was recently made on the new IHU-3 and getting IPS
>> working on it, the S/C operating system used on all previous P3
>> satellites.
>> The new IHU-3 is not only essential for P3-E, but also for the P5-A Mars
>> mission..
>> Due to some problems discussed here before, we had to find new people in
>> our own team to do the work.
>> We had some good articles in our past AMSAT-DL Journal, I hope
>> translations will find their's way into other magazines...
>> 73s
>> Peter, DB2OS
> This ITAR new strategic issue still does not added up correctly here... as
> the translation from our German friends who are not present at
> all on the AMSAT-NA web site when we can read a lot of english translated
> articles on AMSAT-DL web site.
> Bill wrote in a previous thread:
>>As stated earlier, ITAR applies equally to universities, NASA, members
>>of the military except when specific State Department
>>exemptions/agreements are in place.
>>Regards...Bill - N6GHz
> Could be as he also wrote:
>>It's just that most
>>AMSAT-NA satellite builders were unaware of ITAR issues related to
>>satellites, and just what can and cannot be done to be compliant.
> The builders where not aware but what about NASA?  Just read this 2001
> special bulletin on the AO-40 GPS experiment. SPONSORED BY NASA!!!
>  Special Bulletin AO-40
>    * Subject: [amsat-bb] Special Bulletin AO-40
>    * From: VEFRH at xxxxxxx
>    * Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 09:26:37 EDT
> ANS is pleased to report that the GPS experiment on AO-40 has undergone
> successful testing. This experiment supplied and sponsored by NASA, is to
> determine if it is possible to get positional data outside of the GPS ring
> of
> satellites.
> There are two GPS receivers on AO-40, the A receiver  for receiving signals
> around apogee and the B receiver for signal reception around perigee. Both
> receivers are operational, and Data is passed from the receivers through the
> RUDAK to the S-band transmitter.
> Jim White WD0E, has been the AMSAT coordinator and chief operator for this
> activity, reports that "we received a signal on the apogee receiver from
> about 52 Thousand Kilometres out with good signal levels, further data is
> being gathered and those downloaded so far are being analysed.
> Frank Bauer KA3HDO, AMSAT-VP Human Spaceflight Programs, and  instrumental
> in
> setting up the GPS experiment, said "If this experiment goes the way I
> expect, it will revolutionise the way we use GPS in Space. Many future HEO
> spacecraft will be able to take advantage of GPS for autonomous navigation
> and stationkeeping".
> AMSAT President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, was delighted with the news of the
> GPS success, and commented that "It is great to be able to help our friends
> at NASA. Testing this experiment has been a long time in coming, and we were
> worried that radiation may have damaged the GPS receivers. Now at last we
> have a very positive result from this important experiment."
> Stay tuned to ANS for further details as they become available.
> ANS Editor Dan James (N0DJ at amsat.org)
> If i don't believe ITAR is not a convenient tool used to stay away from any
> international cooperation keeping the funds for the last AMSAT-
> NA cube project the "1U CubeSat" there is a huge PR problem within AMSAT-NA
> who seems to rely on lawyers trying to explain an open P3E and
> P5-A project and what security issues theses 2 projects can represent to the
> national security?
> Knock knock instead of trying to find a way to fit AMSAT-NA in ITAR with
> exceptions, why not working the reverse way in explaining where
> are the security issues in the AMSAT-NA mission and actions? or asking them?
> I can believe wearing steel pants i will be quite protected from any
> potential/invisible external hasard but in doing so i'm exposing
> myself to a real visible and well documented internal steel pants issue...
> I now know where " the snow will hit the fan" came! It was coming from a
> hi-rise ventilation worker wearing steel pants.
> P.S."This evening´s November 7, 2009 shipment of the first two Soyuz
> vehicles from Russia to the Spaceport in French Guiana brings
> Arianespace one step closer to the next major expansion of its growing
> commercial launcher family." Is there will be some free ballast
> available for an amateur HEO?
> "-"
> Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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> DSTAR urcall VE2DWE
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